Saturday, January 24, 2015


Geraldton is in Western Australia.  North of Perth and is considered a city.  Located on the ocean.

In Geraldton down by the ocean front up high on a pole .......

Is an Osprey's nest.  
Pretty impressive digs.


In Geraldton the wind blows and many of the trees grow at these types of angles.

They have a broad walk along the ocean

with a great water park for the children

Even round-a-bouts with an ocean theme

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hazard Lights

I often take the three hour drive from my home to the big smoke (Perth).  

Today I have a woman who was tailgating me so close I could see she had missed her last lip waxing appointment.

I was grateful it was just me in the car and I didn't have young lives with me.  She was so close it was scary at 110kms.

The average length of a car is four and a half metres long (approx 15 feet) ....

It will take 14 car lengths to stop when you are travelling 50kms.
It will take 29 car lengths to stop when you are travelling 80kms.

I must confess I do hate tailgaters for the very reason that they don't seem to understand how long it will take them to stop.

Tapping on your brakes to get someone to stop tailgating will usually result in an accident.   

So after researching the safest way to make the person behind you aware that they are travelling too close is to put on your hazard lights.

So I must confess that this is exactly what I did today.  I put my hazard lights on and began to slow just a little when I scored a tailgater.  Then I would turn the hazard lights off and return to my normal speed.  The tailgaters soon got the message and would back off.  

However "Miss, I missed my lip wax appointment" did take three times of me using my hazard lights until she got the message.

So join me in using your hazard lights to make tailgaters realise they are being dangerous and putting the lives you have in your vehicle at risk.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Harmonious sound of laughter

CACHINNATION - loud or hysterical laughter.

DIAPASON - the full rich outpouring of harmonious sound.

Friday, January 16, 2015



Ever heard of them?

PATS = Patient Assisted Travel Schemes

If you live in a Australia in a country town or over 100 kilometres from a major capital city then then let me tell you about PATS.

The Australian Government recognise that when you live in a country town or an isolated part of Australia you need to travel to see a specialist.

If that travel is over 100kms then PATS provides a subsidy to assist with travel, escort and accommodation expenses.  

It is not much but it does help especially when you have sick children are often doing thousands of kilometres a month or paying for accommodation.

I had never heard of PATS until a few weeks ago.  It appears sometimes these government schemes are a big secret. 

So if you know someone living in rural Australia who travels for medical attention let them know about PATS.

HERE is the link to PATS

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Wind It

Often I forget how quickly the simple things in the world have changed.

My father called around and he was driving an old manual car that he was borrowing as his car was in being serviced.  

When teenage son and I went out to the driveway to say goodbye .....

Teenage son became fascinated with what the handle did on the door. 

During his lifetime he had never seen one of these.  He had only grown up with a door that had buttons for the window.

Perhaps its time to introduce him to the record player and the tape deck store away in the shed.

What has technology changed during your lifetime?

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