Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Slide 2 Learn

When I first began learning and trying to understand how to incorporate iPads into my classroom it seemed like an absolute maze I had to navigate through to find someone who could actually help me.  

One of the best things I did was attend a SLIDE TO LEARN conference.  The last one in 2013 was held in Perth.  This year it is to held in Sydney.

Need more information - WEBSITE.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ken Duncan Gallery

On a recent visit to the Central Coast of New South Wales we called in to the Ken Duncan Gallery.  It is open daily from 10am and entry is free.   There is also a cafe attached to the Gallery if you feel like coffee and something to eat afterwards.


There is interesting snippets around the gallery about Ken Duncan .....

More information can be found by 
following this link to the website.

Well worth a visit.

What are you talking about on your blog this TOTALLY THURSDAY.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Street Signs

Living in Western Australia means we are often last to get some of the great ideas that are already in place in the Eastern States.   

I noticed the street signs on a recent visit to New South Wales.  The name of the street and then at the top the actual suburb/area you are in.  

Western Australia take note we need to have street signs like these.  

How helpful would this have been to have the suburb on top of the street name each time I have been lost.

What are the street signs like where you live?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Separating Eggs

I am not a great blogger of handy household hints.  However when I do find something that I can do without creating too much disaster in my kitchen I feel the need to share.

How to seperate egg yolks with the greatest of ease and no more egg running down my arm!

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Festival Of Learning - Newcastle

During January Electroboard Training Academy and Educational Experience joined forces and delivered a 2 day Festival Of Learning.  

It was held in Newcastle, New South Wales. Sessions of many and varied workshops to assist teachers in methods of how to incorporate technology in the classroom.  

It was well worth my time to attend, I learnt so much. There is word that it will be held again next year.

It was held at Australia's oldest school....

 Combining the old with the newest of technology.

During tea breaks and lunch breaks over the two day the quadrangle was filled with activities you could observe or people you could speak to.

The Science Shows were popular.

Many displays and people to talk to.

Students from the school were given cardboard boxes (old technology)
to show just what they can be  turned into.

Cardboard robot using the latest iPad technology.

The above pictures just go to show cardboard boxes can be as entertaining as any device with a screen. 

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